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I know what you're thinking: "How does this guy know I'm functioning on my "B" or "C" game (or worse!), and not at my "A" level?" Well, after working with hundreds of clients over the years – I know. I just know.


Mind you – I'm not assigning blame.


If you've never been in a career search – how could you be accountable for what you don't know? No blame for you. And if you searched for positions earlier in your career – well, nothing would have prepared you for today's marketplace. Nothing. It's tougher and quicker, as well as more complicated, competitive, and unforgiving. So even you're "off the hook" when it comes to blame.

But the point remains – whether you have experience with career searches or not, you need to be on your "A game," or certainly close to it, if you're going to have any chance of landing a suitable position.

The marketplace offers no sympathy, it doesn't "give you a break" for being inexperienced or out-of-date. Either way – it will vanquish you if you're not prepared for the rigors of the search

Let me briefly illustrate how I would help you with each component of the search process:

Diversify the Search:

My role will be to help you identify what career options are suitable at this stage of your career. A universe of possibilities exist, of course – but we'll concentrate on options that best connect to your skills, interests, and goals. In addition to your preferred options, we'll also focus attention on possibilities that you haven't actually considered, or thought were inappropriate or completely unattainable. Now, that's diversification in the truest sense. And throughout the process, we'll be mindful that prevailing economic conditions will ultimately determine the priority assigned to your target options. Always remember the following – what you want isn't nearly as important as what the marketplace giveith.

Produce Superior Marketing Documents:

My role will be to help you create stellar documents for the marketplace. No boring, heavy, or "plain Jane" material for you. No way. Quite the contrary, your documents will be meticulously designed to favorably differentiate you from the competition. Captivating. Sharp. Inviting to read. Importantly, your portfolio will also contain documents just as powerful as resumes. Of course, resumes are important – but they're not structured to highlight transferable skills which, ironically, represent the most important category of information for the marketplace. Accordingly, we'll build the portfolio around your transferable skills, emphasizing them at every opportunity. Doing so will definitely confer an advantage onto your candidacy. Immediately.  

Penetrate the Private Market:

My role will be to help you develop a network of contacts who occupy hiring positions or know people who do. We'll focus on recruiters, hiring managers, and other company representatives. Of course, we'll also strategize on how best to connect with the contacts you already know, especially your so-called "Tier 1 and 2 players." The point to remember is this: Networking is the fuel that ultimately drives the search process – not spending an inordinate amount of time on the Internet. We'll honor that important priority. To be certain, developing networks won't be easy. But you'll be rewarded for doing so. Believe me.

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  Prepare for Interviews:

My role will be to help you improve your confidence and overall interactional competence. To that end, we'll work on various presentational issues, such as selling yourself, building rapport, and demonstrating transferable skills at every opportunity. Of course, we'll also concentrate on standard interview questions and behavioral issues. In addition, we'll address potential negatives associated with your candidacy. Let's be honest, whether you admit it or not – even your career has "blemishes" that might compromise your candidacy. We'll need to prepare for that possibility, just in case they surface during interviews. Again, I will help accentuate your positives, as well as minimize (camouflage?) your weaknesses – perceived or otherwise.