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Let me now take a moment to introduce myself – by offering information about my professional orientation and history.  Before doing so – just a comment by way of preface.

My role as a career professional involves working with clients who are searching for positions, as well as those who need help in developing and managing their careers. Of these areas, career search easily represents the dominant focus of my practice. No surprise, of course. The economy is in the doldrums, people are searching for positions in staggering numbers, and most candidates don't possess the skills necessary to land suitable opportunities. Good for me and my business, you might think.

A weakening economy, and all that comes with it, does indeed enhance my business. However, my humanistic heritage makes me feel somewhat uncomfortable when I benefit from people's struggles and misfortunes. The fact that I've assisted hundreds of clients provides some relief and consolation – but I'm still pained whenever I learn what the economy has wrought in people's lives. Corny, I know. But true. Just thought you'd like to know something about me as a person.

OK – with that comment by way of backdrop, below please find information about my professional orientation and history.

Having been trained in the behavioral sciences (Ph.D., University of California) over 25 years ago, I long recognized the value of being candid with clients about what's required to be successful in their careers. No references made to unseen forces or the position of Venus in the galaxy for me. Quite the contrary, I'm straightforward in my interactions with clients – always have been and always will be. Above all else, I provide them with the structure, ongoing feedback, powerful tools, and motivation required to succeed – however they define success.  Again, candid and straightforward with no fluff. That's me. What else would you expect from a New Yorker?

And while I've learned countless lessons over these many years, easily the most important is to promote effectiveness – with far-reaching, measurable results. For me, the process is all about helping clients evaluate where they are, decide where they want to be, and implement strategies to get there. No magic or exaggeration necessary. No need for flowery expressions. Just good old hard work, as my father would have wanted it. That orientation helps my clients become more focused, more motivated, and more confident – enabling them to be more successful in their careers (whether it involves searching for positions or developing and managing them).

And those are precisely the far-reaching, measurable results that I want to help produce for you. 

Consultant -  Realize your potential with a personal life coach who works with you to promote wellness, effectiveness, problem solving, and decision making skills.

(For those of you who want additional information about me, please review the below material. I apologize in advance for the formal, flattering tone – but such is the nature of bios.)

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Dr. Ridel’s professional life epitomizes a commitment to excellence and accomplishment. He was a Research Fellow at the National Institutes of Health, as well as a Professor and Department Chair at various universities across the United States and overseas. Robert was also affiliated with the United Nations and has experience in Europe, Africa and, especially, Asia.

Although he has occupied various positions in his professional life, Dr. Ridel's primary interests are focused on the fields of career search, development, and management, as well as business consulting and life coaching. He is unwavering in his commitment to each area, whether it involves helping clients advance in their careers, working with companies to become more productive and profitable, or helping clients make better decisions and more effectively solve problems in their lives. Robert's degrees (psychology and sociology), including his Ph.D., were earned through the University of California system.

Dr. Ridel is the President of Coach Professionals (a subsidiary of RWR Consulting, Inc.) – a firm dedicated to helping individuals and companies develop and prosper. He has been working with professionals since 1980.