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Much appreciation for visiting the website. I trust the information was helpful – and that it provided you with at least a fundamental understanding of what career searches entail and how to suceed at them. Assuming that the material didn't scare you off, the obvious question is: Would you benefit from working with me during your search? The fact that you're visiting the website suggests that such might be the case.

However, let me be clear and unambiguous on this point – otherwise I'm no different than the charlatans who I describe elsewhere on the website. I am not capable of moving mountains or parting seas. No mere mortal is – and beware of those who make such lofty, unsubstantiated claims. As I mentioned earlier, your search will require considerable effort, uncommon patience, and some luck along the way. It won't be the equivalent of strolling through the park on a Sunday afternoon, or beating the kids at cards and board games in front of the fireplace.

That stated, and to put balance to my presentation – I will definitely help you advance through your search, just as I've done with hundreds of clients before you. Over my 25+ year career, I've gained a reputation for producing results with clients from all over the occupational spectrum, regardless of their position, level, or industry. I look forward to serving you in a similar capacity and with the same level of success during your career search.

Always remember – your search doesn't have to be defined by stress, sleepless nights, worry, absence of appetite, frustration, and feelings of isolation. Misery might love company – but you don't have to be part of that company. My objective will be to ensure that you won't! 

Please contact me for additional information and to schedule a complimentary session. You can do so through the below form or, better yet, by telephone (503.936.9413) or through email (